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MOVING ON UP: Urban Black Thoughts

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Saturday, January 18, 2014


      DREAM FEST: I wanted to write something so beautiful that it would force you to get up out of your seat and go down to 1524 Madison and enjoy the magnificence that is Dream Fest. Last night CLE Events: Presents Dream Fest was packed. The crowd was electric. I will come back and write a full cover review soon. To be honest, I am still processing so much from the event. Where do I start, Keia Johnson soulful sounds, S.O.U.L absolutely going bananas, Omega Forte and Javae on one of the dopiest tracks? Yeah, like I said there will be a full cover later. Why do you ask? Simple, when I sent in my initial  reviews to my partners and magazines they wanted way more information. They were equally excited as me. So to do justice, a review will come in a few days chronicling the epic event that was.

     TONIGHT: CLE EVENTS and DRIVEN BY MUSIC PRESENTS MEMPHIS HIP HOP UNPLUGGED! Let's talk about tonight. Tonight, I am heading to 1524 MADISON because four of the most dynamic artist that I know are on the same bill.

     Do you see the above picture? This is the face of a man driven by music (pun and reference intended) to find the truth of hip hop. Memphis has a large underground network of hip hop artist that are emerging into the main stream. Arguably none bigger than Virghost, winner of K-97 next contest. Memphis voted and represented for a lyrical monster. Half lyricist- half poet Virghost showcases a clear and precise flow that is rare for industry. He reminds me of a Andre 3000 constantly pushing the envelope of cool and calculated flow. Butta MD follows in the long lines of female emcees. A true veteran of the game, her stories of triumph and struggle evoke a sentimentality that is rarely heard from female emcees. Butta MD relies on the stacked bars instead of sexuality that many female artist rely on to be heard. Her hook of, "This is my story and I Survived," is sure to have you waving a hand slowly in a testimony true to move hearts and ears. KL is a true dynamo. One of the highest visible artist. He is truly starting to reap the rewards of a career in an industry known for selfish individuals. He stands as a beacon of a giver often sacrificing; instead, of taking. He stands at the forefront of the recent Memphis Hip-Hop scene. Last but not least Tyke-T, Mr. Driven By Music, was featured several times on Channel 24 and various television outlets over the course of 2013. No artist has hit Memphis harder in the upswing of a bright career. This maybe his breakout year. Known for his witty punchlines, Tyke-T is sure to put on a show.

    With a solid line-up fleshing out the bill, this Unplugged show tonight is sure to sell-out. I suggest you start rolling right now. I am. I will see you there. After you see the reviews, PLEASE don't say that I did not warn you. Oh and as an intentional slight: the worse host in the nation and possibly worst emcee to ever have the unfortunate pleasure of trying to hold a microphone will be hosting...Jason Da Hater. Please feel free to boo* him on sight and every time he utters a word. I mean seriously he has to be kin to Oscar the Grouch because he STINKS. Memphis for one night: UNPLUGGED...1524 Madison. It will be beyond your expectation of what hip-hop is and can be.

*Jason Da Hater prefers booing instead of applause. It is a unique and rather interesting dynamic to his lyrical prowess and performance.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dream Fest 2014: I Have A DreamFest Weekend

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” 
― Victor Hugo

     Victor Hugo once expressed that music had a quality of truth that no language could ever truly equal.  In 2013, I took part, performed and covered one of the best concerts of the year. The weekend was absolutely fabulously run without any incidents. The spirits of collaboration, energy, and creativity filled the air. People of all colors, backgrounds, and interest filled various venues all with the singular goal of good music and fellowship. This year the Dream Fest brought to you by the wonderfully talented CLE events which partners this year with two incredible movements Memphis Queens and Driven by Music. I am so excited about this weekend, I personally rearranged my schedule to blog this event and cover the different acts on behalf of BADD Magazine and Speak Life Society. Over the three day weekend, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul and even a lyrical battle that will take center stage with a few rounds from an emerging movement: The IMBL (Iron Mouth Battle League). The talent line-up is like a super nova waiting to explode. 

      For one precious weekend, companies and individuals will merge in an attempt to bring a diverse and productive event to Memphis. This weekend will be a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and legacy of networking and dialogue. Through the healing medium of music, a beautiful conversation will occur. Emotions of hope, encouragement, creativity, and inspiration will start to form in this atmosphere. People will give their all on the stage. Audiences will applaud and gather to request even more. The question is simple. Will you be there to witness? Will you be there to be a part of the dream? I will and I highly suggest that you follow. 

WHERE: Come to 1524 Madison tonight, right now and enjoy some of the best that Memphis has to offer. I am telling you after you leave you will be different and the feeling will be spectacular.


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." -Ashley Smith (from- http://www.brainyquote.com)

Curves are beautiful
Ashley Smith once said that, "Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." I have never found a more appropriate time then to now then to look at that quote. On September 22, 2013 The Weight Is Over IV fashion show took place. The fashion show was geared to the beauty and splendor of the plus-sized woman. In life, society has labeled beauty as starving or a certain shape. Larger women are often type cast into having to wear loose fitting or fashionably behind clothing to be both comfortable and form fitting. Ashley Dean-Parson, owner of Dean of Fashion Boutique (3540 Summer or www.deanoffashion.com), offers a stunning alternative to the bland. Women all over Memphis and regionally have been raving about her designs, affordability, and varied levels combining both classy and sassy wear. My attention was drawn. I love the new, the exclusive, and covering events that are high grade. I turn a lot of events down and seek out even fewer; however, when the opportunity arose to get a sneak peek at Ashley Dean-Parson's unveiling of her specialty line The Dean's List, I could not resist. 
I arrived to a Pink Carpet where guests were photographed and were dressed to the nine. For a moment, I thought the fashion show was in the lobby. Everywhere I turned was a guest of literally some of the who's who of Memphis from the President of MULYP and newly positioned civil leader (http://www.mulyp.org) Cynthia Daniels, one of the hottest photographers in Memphis Arekah the Goddess, fashion designers, and a few pro ball players in attendance. Vendors were neatly placed and given high priority areas which showed a true design flair into working with the 409 South Main Building. Speaking of the 409 South Main Building, this venue is beyond sexy and chic with an urban flair. Absolutely loved it and found parking accessible. The venue was well ventilated, clean, and had several levels that offered a fashion show ambiance that resembled the high grade fashion shows I have attended in New York. It was very clear that Dean of Fashion's did their homework on the theme, leveling, and direction of the show. 
Bowz by Bee
Dropping through the vendor section, I stopped to and spoke to the owner/visionary of Bowz by Bee, Beatrice Clifton. Mrs. Bee was delightfully engaging while delivering her motto, "You think it; we create it," which matched her playful yet intricately well crafted bows https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bowz-By-Bee-Couture-Hair-Accessories/549791341713098. Other vendors were lined against the walls and were equally engaging and professional. Students of Oakhaven High School's DECA offered support to the vendors and area. One DECA member, 11-grader, Vershaye (minor last name held) stated that working the event, "provided her with an opportunity to learn about marketing, networking, and development of professional ideas." The students were polite and offered great advice about whom I should interview next from the models.

Oakhaven DECA

Moving on along, I ran into one of the photographer's for the event. Frank Chin whose images are throughout this blog. As you can see curvy is the new sexy! The curvaceous models were breathtaking and a true representation of the average woman. Ranging in height and appearance the models were clearly trained. The walks were consistent and yet refined. One of the highlights of the evening was the double connected runway. Models were bold and daring hitting marks with ease and a consistency rarely seen in local fashion shows. The note that truly stood out to me was the light steps the models took. They all truly glided along almost as if they defied gravity and walked on air. Some of the models that truly stood out were the guest models from New York and Atlanta. Those women Worked! I have to admit a bias to my personal favorite, my girlfriend, Kimberly Rainey who looked stunning in her red dress. Oh! I almost lost it when I saw how beautiful she looked. It took everything for me remain professional.
Kimberly Rainey

One of the models from Atlanta, Arden P (Nedra Phillips), www.modelmayhem.com/arden6 was a standout in her consistency and looks. That woman's walk and confidence had the guy's attention for sure. Arden P was very humble and easy to talk to. Her pleasant mannerisms matched her natural curves and beauty.
Arden P

Michele Hilton
Telethia Penn
Two models that truly stood out was a Caucasian bombshell  Michele Hilton who for the lack of a better comparison resembled a plus size Marilyn Monroe. She was absolutely stunning. The other was an Amazonian Nubian Queen Telethia Penn that stood well over 6'2. These two queens striked images into my memory that still exist today. The figures of these women and incomparable beauty was truly a high point each time they walked. Please contact these two for more information about booking if you are a serious fashion enthusiast seeking high grade models with excellent appeal and natural presence.

Featured designer Kouture Kreations by Kimberly Terry (kouture.kreations@yahoo.com) featured a line of Body Con (Contour) dresses and tops that were sleek and creative. The lines were impeccable and really showcased that body con dresses and tops can be designed to flatter a plus- size or curvy woman. Imaginative color scheme and playfully sharp lines redirected away from problem areas to the overall appeal of the outfit. The models looked well put together from makeup by teams made up from two of the top stylist in Memphis Britaine' Bell & Tamika Turner. Makeup and hair were flawlessly designed to accentuate not only the clothing but the models natural attributes. 

The finale of the night came from Dean of Fashion as Mrs. Ashley Dean-Parson unveiled her fashion
Ashley Dean-Parson
line : The Dean's List. The Dean's list showcased a wide array of complex design patterns ideal for the workplace or the night on the town. Using combinations of high thread cotton, leather, and high quality materials the line is carefully crafted in depth and lines with a modern Paris feel. It is almost a shame that this line is tailored to the plus side because it is such a beautiful line of clothing that all women can appreciate. One key that I like to note is the reaction of the single men in the audience who stared, smiled, and nudged their fellow friends in admiration of the models and images of beauty displayed through the event. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you support Dean of Fashion events and the boutique. It is a true glimpse into a new idea of what beauty is. The world needs more women on The Dean's List. There is a location that caters to making sure that curvy women are treated as professional, sexy, alluring, beautiful creations of elegance that they are and not forced to pick the same outfits from non conscious bland racks of garbage labeled plus size. The designs, concepts, and beauty shown at the fashion show were dynamic and showcased that there is beauty in Memphis. You just have to open your eyes. 

More pics to Come Stay Tuned to Part II (Behind the Scenes)

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Consequences: Stripper Jhonni Blaze + Football Player Bernard Pierce = Tale of Two Stories


"Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants." - Benjamin Franklin

Jhonni Blaze

 Benjamin Franklin once stated,"Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants." Money divides two women in Houston, Texas. There is a tale so twisted with a professional football player, a wealthy man who frequents strip clubs, and a nasty twitter battle between two women that is on-going as we speak. As a blogger, I follow all leads and stories. Often I find lies, drama, and intrigue with a weak base of a story. On June 14, 2013, www.MediaTakeOut.com reported that Jhonni Blaze reportedly had a miscarriage on stage "BLEEDING" profusely. I immediately googled Jhonni Blaze. Originally setting out to see if the trashy entertainment site had any ounce of truth, I started to engage witnesses and customers. Second I wanted to see if there was a more honest way to do entertainment blogging. What I started to uncover was a web of accusations and a witch hunt to bury a young woman. Truth is blogging is only profitable for the hits you receive. Some bloggers will run with anything and print blatant lies in an attempt to bolster their views.

Is money the root of all evil or the lack of money?

Sites everywhere ran with a story that for the most part has been debunked and proven to be related to a legit health scare. Comedians have joked, people have been vicious and some twitter remarks downright disgusting. I will not defend Jhonni Blaze, some of the allegations of her twitter harassment is evident. Her mouth is atrocious at times, the possible and alleged pregnancy, and common public record of her own tweets are at times disturbing (reference Jhonni Blaze vs. TJsotomayor). Often her subject of battle is a woman: Colitha who she claims is in a baby mother for an ex of hers. Speaking to Colitha she said, "she doesn't hate Jhonni and that her and Alvin are married and have a family.". The new baby which appears on her and his TL is very handsome. The hard part is to stay neutral. It's easy to claim Jhonni as a home wrecker. Colitha as the saint. They go back and forth mercilessly.

Both having nasty one liners to the others comeback. One close source that asked for their identity to be retained claims that, "Alvin and Jhonni definitely had a brief thing. The depths were unknown but physical interaction was insinuated." This makes a lot more sense than a dancer just falling in love with a guy with deeply huge pockets that likes to blow stacks in clubs. No one interviewed claimed complete innocence and if you check Jhonni's mentions you will see him heavily in them. Why is this remotely important? Only because this is where Twitter beefs get personal. During the course of the argument personal addresses were given to the public, break-ins to the degree that a family had to move for their safety. Before all my female readers start to boycott, I am not excusing the guys. (I will get to them later.) Something is amiss to evoke this much venom. Pictures of alleged sleep overs, calls and encounters are plastered on time lines. Salt is rubbed into wounds and two ladies stand in the midst both hurt in their own ways pretending that their worlds aren't damaged. I guess Mark Twain was right, "The lack of money is the root of all evil." The pursuit of comfort and happiness often lead us into a blind fury. We do not see clearly and we make remarks that lead to our own destruction.

Bernard Pierce

The destruction now is Jhonni Blazes alleged pregnancy that is tied to Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce. I spoke to Bernard Pierce via twitter in which he declined an interview. I will say this, I do not know him but he handled the situation with more class than I would have if this is all false. Bernard Pierce even took the time to exchange pleasantries and offer to give one of my favorite players Ray Rice my congrats and a High five. Not to excuse him, if guilty then his home will be shattered! His love and the family that he has will be emotionally devastated because of his actions. Which brings me to Jhonni Blaze who all this revolves around. I asked her straight up for two questions in a direct message on Twitter: 1) Are you pregnant? 2) Is it Bernard Pierce's baby? She replied, "...yes I am that's y he won't speak smdh."

You can draw whatever conclusions you like between the posted pregnancy tests aimed at Bernard's bride to be and her current remarks the issue has raised. Me personally, Time will tell. I am not here to judge, execute, or point fingers quickly. Many in the industry and that I interviewed stated that Jhonni has a history of such behavior and recently one source stated, "She faked a pregnancy of her ex who is now with Colitha." If Jhonni Blaze is pregnant in less than a  month or two we will all know because she will have to go on a brief retirement from her occupation. If not then their will forever be speculation. Jhonni recently tweeted, "from here on out I have nothing bad to say to Bernard stacy colitha no one I don't need to prove nothing to no one thank you." She is almost right. Jhonni is talented: dancer, model, musician, and singer but if all this was just for Twitter. What is the cost to tear at families? If she is then there will be a lot of apologies for the bashing she has endured. If not then the bashing, media, and stories will exponentially grow. That's the great thing about time.

Provided from Google Images

Time refuses to carry lies. Over time the truth has to come out. babies don't live in wombs forever they have to be born. Above all this is a tale of two different women on different sides of security. Some are dealing with stay at home dads who blow thousands in clubs. Some are dealing with accepting the thousands and what they have to do to get it. Some are at home shell shocked not realizing that either existed. Don't get me wrong. The men aren't innocent but I tell my daughter all the time. A gentleman will do only what you allow him to. A dog or boy will do everything he wishes. Gentlemen get so caught up in being the MAN in the club they forget they have to be a man to their home. Protect their wives and girlfriends. Love their families. I do not know these gentlemen. I hope that the stories they tell are honest. That they are stand-up guys who just wanted to have fun in the club before returning to their homes. We do not know the boundaries or rules of that level of money or households. We do not know what home rules have been established in their relationships. History tells us though that where there is smoke, they may be fire. We rush to sides on twitter and blindly attack the others side. We re-tweet, sub-tweet, and add fuel to fires. I just don't find the glory in that. I'd rather write this ugly truth of a story. One of broken ideas, lies, lust, and money. Whatever the story is or side you choose, please realize all sides have CONSEQUENCES and a little truth. Eventually time will tell how the consequences may reveal themselves.

Until then Live, Love, Forgive, and seek Happiness,



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